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Attendance Policy

At EIS, all students are expected to arrive at school on time and to attend all scheduled classes, meetings and activities unless they have a valid excuse such as illness or involvement in a scheduled school activity.

In all cases, parents and guardians are required to contact the relevant Elementary, Middle School or High School Office if their child is absent.

It is vital that High School students are especially vigilant and do not miss classes for any reason other than those that are unavoidable. Prolonged absences may affect learning new concepts which will eventually affect grades.

Attendance Policy Overview
The EIS Attendance Policy is as follows:

  • All absences count. There are no excused or unexcused absences.
  • Students are expected to request work that needs to be made up from their relevant teacher. They will be given one class day for each day they are absent to complete the work they have missed. Arrangements to make up tests and other in-class work must be made with the class teacher
  • Students who are absent more than 15% but less than 25% of class time (19-31 absences) must maintain a passing grade for the semester and have a score of 80% or more on the final exam.
  • Students who are absent more than 25% of class time (32 or more absences) will not be allowed to pass that class. A passing grade can only be restored through the process of written appeal to the Administrator. The school will review each case and any extenuating circumstances before a decision is made.
  • Pre-excused notes from parents will be accepted only when supported by a phone call to the parent by the Main Office Secretary. Students without a pre-excused note from their  parents will not be allowed to leave the school until the end of the school day.
  • Students should not plan to leave school for such reasons as medical appointments or early travel plans. These need to be scheduled out of school hours.
  • Students who are participating in a school sponsored event or activity are expected to be in attendance on the day of the event or activity.
  • Student absences due to participation in school sponsored events, activities or field trips are counted as the student being present.

Prolonged or Planned Absences
At EIS, the dates for school vacations and holidays are shared with parents at the beginning of each school year, Appear on the Academic Calendar. We strongly advise parents to plan family vacations within these allocated dates to ensure that all students achieve academic success.

For all planned absences, it is a requirement that details be submitted in writing to the Main Office. A minimum of two weeks advanced notice is required to prepare work to be given to the student for completion during this time.  No exceptions to this requirement will be made.

Make-Up Assignments for Planned Absences
Two weeks prior to a planned absence, the Main Office must be notified in writing so that homework and assignments can be prepared and given to the student for completion. The due date for all assignments will be within one week of the student returning to school. All homework assignments, including quizzes and tests must be completed within the first week of a student's return to class. Failure to meet this deadline may result in a failing grade.

If a student's absence is due to a prolonged illness, the work that was missed must be made up within one week of the student's return to class. The nature of the make-up assignment is at the discretion of the relevant teacher.

All requests for exceptions must be made in writing to the Director. Emergency leave, evacuation, serious medical conditions and extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration and reviewed on an individual basis.

Medical Absences
In the eventthat a student's absence from school is due to an illness or injury, they are required to submit an authentic Doctor's certificate within five school days from the last day of the absence. This certificate needs to include specific dates and the duration of time for any recommended treatment. Certificates will not be accepted beyond five days from the date of absence.

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