El- Massria Integrated Schools


EIS offers a student lunch program through a qualified outside provider. We focus on providing healthy eating choices as a means of promoting the best in our students in the academic arena.

Juice, sandwiches, salads and healthy snacks may be purchased during the lunch period. Times differ depending on the student's Grade until the close of business at 3:00 pm.

Students are expected to be on their best behavior in the cafeteria. They are required to be respectful to each other and respectful to staff.

Student Behavior
EIS's expectations of student behavior in the cafeteria include the following:

  • students are required to line up in an orderly fashion
  • students must remain in the cafeteria and courtyard only during lunch
  • students must remain at the lunch tables provided
  • students must not take food out of the cafeteria
  • all rubbish must be placed in the bins provided
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