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At EIS, homework is assigned to ensure the practice and reinforcement of already introduced skills.  It is a strategy that hones and enhances student skill and knowledge.  It is also an integral means of evaluation that allows teachers to determine student skill level and understanding.  Program can then be altered to meet student needs and enhance student success.

Homework may also consist of long term projects, assignments, study, review or presentations. Parents can assist their child by providing a comfortable work environment that is distraction free.  Parents can also monitor how much time their child is watching television and playing electronic games in order to develop a respect for learning and self-improvement.  At all times, parents should be encouraged to take responsibility for setting aside quality time for homework, reading and other educational activities.

Elementary students can expect to be assigned up to one hour of homework per night.

Middle School students can expect to be assigned up to one hour and half of homework per night.

Secondary students can expect to be assigned up to two hours of homework per night.

Homework can consist of assignments, short and long term projects and preparatory work.  All students are encouraged to read English materials each night.  This will enhance proficiency of the language.  Parents are encouraged to develop consistent habits at home that encourage a love for reading.

Homework “counts” and will be evaluated and assessed by the teacher.  Students who do not have their homework submitted on the due date will be subject to grade deductions.  It is important to develop work habits and encourage independent learning strategies.

Homework Policy 
Delays in homework will result in grade deductions:

  • 1st day – the homework will be graded with no deductions for lateness
  • 2nd day – the homework will be graded at 80% of the value
  • 3rd day – the homework will be graded at 70% of the value
  • 4th day – the homework will be graded at 60% of the value
  • Over this time – the home work will be graded at 50% of the value

Teachers will be permitted to use discretion in individual cases due to extenuating circumstances and excused absences.

If a student is absent due to illness or an excused absence, homework can be requested via the school office. All requests for homework require a phone call to the school office by 9:00 am.  Parents must arrange for the homework to be picked up at the man office.

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