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EIS library is a large classroom shared by students, teachers and parents.  It serves as both a reading and information center within the context of the various curricula taught in all divisions.  It is a well-equipped facility and the pride of EIS.

Our library is divided into two separate Libraries and caters to all students within EIS, including access to the internet.

Our Elementary grades visit the library weekly, although they may borrow and return books at other times. Middle and High school students come to the library in planned, scheduled sessions or with a pass, authorized by the classroom teacher.

Library Facilities
The library is a classroom where students learn the following information skills:

  • how to find a variety of information
  • how to select a variety of information
  • how to analyze a variety of information
  • how to organize a variety of information
  • how to communicate a variety of information meaningfully

The library is open from 7:40 am to 2:30 pm each day. Books and other circulating materials may be checked out to students for a two week period.

To renew a book or other material, students must return them to the library to be rescanned.  Reasonable care must be taken to maintain them in good condition. Students will be charged for lost or damaged materials. Overdue notices are sent periodically through the classroom teachers. Any fees for lost books and materials must be settled prior to the final term or report cards will be withheld.

Library Code of Conduct
In order that everyone may enjoy and make use of the library, its contents and facilities, library users must share its materials and resources responsibly by:

  • returning them on time for someone else to borrow
  • putting them back where they belong
  • keeping them in good condition
  • taking turns
  • sharing the library space
  • not interfering with someone else's need to read, find information or study
  • sharing the library staff and using their time responsibly

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