El- Massria Integrated Schools

Mission Statement

EIS offers a rich and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that stimulates creative inquiry, intellectual achievement, independent thinking and encourages students to make positive contributions to others. The EIS community instills values such as patience, integrity, courage, and kindness. This is taught through cooperative education, latest technology and a House System.

School Motto: PICK Your Path.

Houses: Water (Patience), Earth (Integrity), Fire (Courage), Air (Kindness),

Our Beliefs
At EIS we believe:

  • that education is a lifelong process
  • that every child is a unique individual with the potential for growth
  • that all people have equal intrinsic worth and should be treated with respect
  • that it is essential to recruit, develop and retain outstanding personnel
  • that it is our responsibility to model and address ethical and moral values
  • that there is importance in developing personal and social responsibility alongside service to others
  • that students thrive when they experience success every day
  • that each school's curriculum must include learning experiences that develop the whole child
  • that all students should be active and responsible participants in their own learning
  • that high standards of excellence are necessary to challenge students
  • that honest on-going and effective communication among all members of the school community promotes trust, partnership and teamwork
  • that the local and international qualities within our schools have value and should be respected
  • that the skills to utilize technology are essential to prepare students for the future
  • that standards and regulations need to be applied consistently
  • that vision, continuous planning and implementation, supported by on-going evaluation, shape the future of the organization
  • that the active promotion of our services is crucial to the success of the organization
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