El- Massria Integrated Schools

Parent Communication

At EIS regular parent-teacher communication is essential to our student's academic and social success within the school environment.

We encourage parents to meet with teachers at quarterly parent conferences or to make an appointment to meet during the teacher's planning period. Please contact the Elementary School Office for appointment times and to make arrangements to meet with your child's teacher at a suitable time.

Through the academic year, the school schedules three days for parent conferences. During these times individualized interviews and discussions can be scheduled to discuss a student's academic and social progress within the classroom and whole school environment.

Teachers and parents are requested to hold additional conferences as needed throughout the year as a way of establishing a productive relationship between parents and teachers, resulting in improved student achievement and success.

When visiting a student's teacher or classroom, parents are requested to register at the Elementary School Office. Teachers will not leave students unattended to meet with parents. They can only make appointments during short periods of time during the day. Parents are requested to wear visitor badges at all times while on school premises.

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