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Student Organization

EIS focuses on enabling our students to be productive and successful citizens in an ever changing and challenging world.

We offer students the opportunity to take part in activities that are designed to develop confidence and self-awareness alongside leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively with others. They are encouraged to develop political awareness and democratic decision-making principles and procedures that will provide a service to the school, faculty and fellow student body.

High School Student Council
The EIS High School Student Council is groups, to which four students are elected. The group is the Student Government and the Class Officers of each High School grade. The group has a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and the members of the Student Government must be either juniors and/or seniors.

The Student Government is the liaison between the student body and administration. They are responsible for maintaining school spirit and good relations between students, teachers and administration. Any proposed activities need to be approved by them initially before final approval is given by the Director. The Student Government organizes school wide events that include the Carnival and Talent Show.

The Class Officers' main objective is to raise money to be used for the Annual Senior Year Prom night. They are also required to assist the Student Government in school wide events throughout the school year.

Members of the Student Council provide a valuable service during parent conferences, new teacher orientation and graduation. Young leaders of the future!

School Student Council Organizer

  • "Head" Student Council Elections
  • "Assistant" Student Council Mem
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