El- Massria Integrated Schools

Tardy Policy

At the EIS American School, we view students being late to class very seriously.  Students who are tardy not only cause a disruption to others' learning, they often miss important initial announcements, assignments and learning activities introduced at the beginning of each class.

Students who arrive late to school should go directly to class with a Late Pass. A student will be counted as tardy for the first ten minutes.  After ten minutes the tardy will be classified as an absence and will be reported as such on the attendance report. Six tardy times are considered equal to one day's absence and will be reported as such on the student's attendance record.

It is the responsibility of the student to organize arrangements to make up the missed class work due to a tardy. This may not always be possible and the student will receive a failing grade of zero for the work missed.

In the event of extraordinary transportation delays, EIS Transportation Office will advise the Main Office and this will be taken into consideration.

Actions Taken in Regard to Tardy Students
The actions taken against students who are tardy are as follows:

First Tardy addressed by the relevant teacher
Second Tardy addressed by the relevant teacher
Third Tardy the student's parents are notified
Fourth Tardy the student is sent to the Administration Office and action is taken which may include counseling, parent conferencing, detentions or suspension

Late students should not enter the class without A Late Pass slip from the School Secretary Office. If a student happens to enter the class late without the Late Pass please send him back to get it from the School's Secretary.

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